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Wes Craven lived a thoroughly fascinating life, the details of which are largely unknown to many of his own fans who simply know him as the architect of their cinematic nightmares. The Soul of Wes Craven shines a light on the man behind the films to reveal a complex portrait of an intelligent, thoughtful, and soulful individual. The revelations contained within just might surprise you. For example...

Did you know that Wes Craven...

.... nearly directed a television show based on a popular Marvel superhero?

.... directed a sitting US president in a short film?

.... had to personally fire Madonna from the cast of one of his own films?

.... attended the same alma mater as evangelist Billy Graham?

…. was a poet and a novelist before he ever thought of making his first film?

…. was mentored by a Grammy Award-winning singer / songwriter?

…. said one of his most famous films was inspired by the writings of a Russian mystic?

…. nearly made a film about an Indian snake cult starring Klaus Kinski?

…. adapted a famous Gothic horror novel for fellow filmmaker Roger Corman?

…. tried to develop a Broadway musical for the creator of Riverdance?

…. published one of his first poems in Westways magazine, an official publication of AAA?  

… was defended by Pulitzer Prize winning poet W.H. Auden when accused of publishing un-Christian art?

The specifics of these surprising stories and more are all contained within The Soul of Wes Craven, available now on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and Kindle eBook!

Also Available From Harker Press (click to learn more)


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