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  • Rob Zombie was so confident in casting Sid Haig and Bill Moseley as Captain Spaulding and Otis Driftwood that neither actor had to audition or even interview for their role. The director first met Haig during a costume-fitting on the Universal backlot.

  • On House of 1000 Corpses, Universal required the entire cast to sign non-disclosure agreements, stressing that they should not reveal to friends, family, or journalists who lived and died. Ironically, this same studio would later issue promotional t-shirts that read "EVERYBODY FUCKING DIES!" in giant letters.

  • The Museum of Monsters and Madmen featured numerous actual sideshow props, but also a number of unique items on loan from the personal collection of Forrest J. Ackerman. This included a series of rubber monster masks, including one of Ackerman as the Frankenstein monster, which is visible in the film on a high shelf.

  • Baby’s sparkling gown during the Halloween Extravaganza sequence in House was a vintage Bob Mackie piece originally made for Cher in the early 1970s. Cher’s son, Chaz Bono, would later cameo in the opening moments of 3 From Hell.

  • Speaking of the Halloween Extravaganza, this sequence was filmed inside a rustic barn space located on the Veluzat Movie Ranch. Though it’s virtually unrecognizable here, this is the same barn seen in the bloody finale of Friday the 13th: Part III in which the heroine hangs Jason Voorhees from the upstairs loft.

  • Rob Zombie has a habit of featuring people’s dogs in his films. In House of 1000 Corpses, both William Bassett and Erin Daniels’ dogs feature into their scenes. In 3 From Hell, production designer Shawn McKinney’s three-legged dog features prominently into the final act.

  • The role of Candy in The Devil’s Rejects was played by Elizabeth Daily, but she wasn’t Rob Zombie’s original choice for the part. Rather, Daily was a last-minute replacement after original actress Natasha Lyonne withdrew from the project days before filming began. Rob and Natasha have long been friends with her attending the 2003 premiere of House of 1000 Corpses and they remain so to this day.

  • Rob Zombie sought out cult actress Adrienne Barbeau to appear in The Devil’s Rejects, though she declined his invite over objections to how violent the script was. She would subsequently appear in his next film – 2007’s Halloween, despite it being every bit as violent if not more so.

  • On The Devil’s Rejects, the filmmakers utilized two vehicles for the 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado seen in the finale – a hero car and a stunt car. After filming, the stunt car was patched up and re-painted before being sold to another movie production that also released to theaters in 2005. Which movie featured the car after it was shot up in Rejects? The answer is in the book!

  • Speaking of the finale from The Devil’s Rejects, a helicopter was utilized to capture sweeping aerial shots of the final shoot-out along the desert highway. The overhead chopper made Sheri Moon Zombie especially nervous, prompting Rob to wrap aerial photography much earlier than originally expected. This very same helicopter would crash later that same year due to a mechanical failure. Both pilots would ultimately survive with minor injuries.

  • Baby Firefly watches a different Bela Lugosi movie in each film of the trilogy. In House of 1000 Corpses, it’s The Wolf-Man. In The Devil’s Rejects, it’s Bride of the Monster. In 3 From Hell, it’s Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla.

  • 3 From Hell’s drastically reduced budget forced Rob Zombie to slash or dial back several sequences prior to filming. This included nixing the Black Satans’ originally planned introduction during the documentary sequence, an extensive look into the murder trials of Baby/Otis/Spaulding, an elaborate prison break-out with Otis, and Baby’s full prison basement fight.

  • Rob Zombie is well known to be something of a prop and wardrobe hoarder. This was fortunate on 3 From Hell as he had kept Otis Driftwood’s long-haired wig from The Devil’s Rejects. Given the hair-piece’s relatively good condition, the threequel’s stylist was able to utilize it on Bill Moseley once more, saving the production a hefty chunk of change.

  • Sheri Moon Zombie’s younger brother, Jeffrey Skurkis, has cameos in both The Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell. In the second film, he can be seen amongst Sheriff Wydell’s men during the opening raid on the Firefly compound. In 3 From Hell, he can be seen escorting Otis Driftwood into prison during a flashback scene.

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