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15 Things You Might Not've Known About Chucky...

1. The screenplay for Child's Play underwent numerous re-writes by multiple writers, some uncredited. At one point, Andy was known as Martin and Karen as Susan. The Good Guy dolls were originally called Play Pal dolls and the story was set in New York City, not Chicago. (The producers also briefly considered a west coast backdrop.)

2. Many fans know that Tom Holland originally cast Arrested Development's Jessica Walters as the voice of Chucky before ultimately going with Brad Dourif. Fewer fans know that, after Walters' performance proved a poor fit, Holland cast Children of the Corn star John Franklin, who recorded an entire vocal performance as Chucky. While Holland felt Franklin was also wrong for the part, he kept him in the film as the voice of the Walkabout Chucky during the Good Guys show that Andy watches.

3. Tom Holland intended Chucky's headspin around to face Karen as a nod to The Exorcist. By coincidence, Brad Dourif would later star in The Exorcist III: Legion where his character would remark, "Child's play, lieutenant." Many felt this was a reciprocal reference back to Chucky, though it was not. (This line appears in the original Legion novel, which pre-dates Child's Play.) While this wasn't a reference, the shot that immediately follows Dourif's line IS very much a reciprocal reference. (It's a close-up of a small red-haired boy.)

4. In Child's Play 2's opening moments, we see a pair of factory technicians restoring a badly damaged Chucky. The hands seen in close-up here are not of the actors, but of effects designer Kevin Yagher handling his own creation.

5. Child's Play co-writer John Lafia lobbied to direct the original film, but was rejected due to having not helmed a feature previously. He was also producer Joe Augustyn's original pick to direct 1988's Night of the Demons, but he was rejected yet again for similar reasons. He would helm his debut feature, The Blue Iguana, that same year as well as two episodes of Freddy's Nightmares. Now an experienced director, Lafia would go on to co-write and direct Child's Play 2.

6. The Children's Crisis Center location in Child's Play 2 was previously used as the police station in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The stairs that Ms. Poole and Andy descend near film's end lead directly to where Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen meet in Ferris Bueller.

7. Child's Play 3 cinematographer John R. Leonetti would later work on another creepy doll movie, James Wan's Dead Silence, before going on to direct the first Annabelle movie. Don Mancini has publicly, if not jokingly, voiced his support for a match-up between Chucky and Annabelle.

8. Bride of Chucky memorably features Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" over its opening credits, which the production scored for an insanely cheap $10,000. (Learn how in the book!) As originally envisioned, Don Mancini felt the film should open and close with a metal cover of Hello, Dolly! (In addition to being the title song of a classic movie musical, these were also Tiffany's first words to Chucky in Bride.)

9. A Canadian stuntman very nearly died on Bride of Chucky when an action-effects sequence went awry. He was hospitalized with a myriad of injuries, which included amnesia. (Fortunately, he made a full recovery.) As such, he receives the film's only "Special Thanks" in the end credits. (Hear his full story in the book!)

10. The studio went to great lengths to hide Glen's appearance leading up to Seed of Chucky's release, forbidding the cast and crew to even describe him in public appearances. Rogue Features would release a clip of Chucky killing Britney Spears ahead of the film, which would omit Glen from the scene entirely. (He's also completely blacked out in the final trailer, instead appearing as a silhouette.)

11. Britney Spears lookalike Nadia Dina Ariqat, who appeared as the popstar in Seed of Chucky, looked so much like Spears that paparazzi initially believed the actual Spears had shown up at the film's premiere. The singer's management were also concerned over potential confusion, leading Seed's producers to include a disclaimer in the film's advertising: "BRITNEY SPEARS DOES NOT APPEAR IN THIS MOVIE."

12. The character of young Alice in Curse of Chucky was originally meant to die by Chucky's hand with the rest of her family. Even though her death wouldn't have been directly seen by the audience, studio executives objected to such a dark moment and instead requested that it be changed. A reshoot was arranged late in post-production to alternately show Chucky taking possession of Alice's body, meaning she technically survived the film.

13. Curse of Chucky marked the first time in franchise history that Brad Dourif was on set to see the animatronic Chucky dolls in action. Being that he hadn't appeared on-camera since the opening moments of Child's Play, he'd never needed to be on set to voice the role, instead performing his work in a sound booth before and after filming. (Oddly enough, Dourif was actually in Toronto while Bride of Chucky was shooting there, but only to film his role in Urban Legend.)

14. Don Mancini was originally going to reveal where Glen and Glenda were in Cult of Chucky by way of Jennifer Tilly's dialogue, but Universal nixed their mention. We would've learned that Glen had run off with a boyfriend and that Glenda was now in prison. (Given their re-appearance in Chucky, Mancini clearly changed his mind on their whereabouts.)


15. The interior set of Harrogate Psychiatric Hospital in Cult of Chucky was built on exactly the same spot as the Pierce household in Curse of Chucky. Both sets were housed within the spacious Manitoba Production Centre.


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