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 "It’s easily the most comprehensive source that will ever exist on the subject."

- Daily Grindhouse

"Slash answers

all your questions!'




WEEK OF 3/22/17


"SLASH is far and away the best book documenting the journey the movie took from start to finish."
- Douglas Curtis

(Producer, Freddy vs Jason)





From the author of Phantasm Exhumed comes Slash of the Titans, a revealing look at why it took New Line Cinema nearly ten years and four-million-dollars to find the right screenplay for Freddy vs Jason. Featuring new interviews with the original writers and filmmakers, Slash details the project’s troubled history from the surprise ending of Jason Goes to Hell all the way to the crossover’s red carpet premiere. Read about the many rejected storylines and learn how the film was eventually able to escape from development hell. This is the story of one film, two horror icons and seventeen screenwriters!


- Comprehensive looks at ten different versions of the screenplay

- Info on early crossover attempts by Friday the 13th filmmakers

- Exclusive details on the never made Freddy vs Jason: Hell Unbound video game

- Insights from producers, executives and developers including Sean Cunningham

- An examination of why the Shannon/Swift script was finally greenlit

- Summaries of the four endings considered for the 2003 film

- Coverage of the never made Freddy vs Jason vs Ash sequel

- New comments from the titans themselves - Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger

- Appendices full of story details including the outcomes of all ten versions

book interviews

Robert Englund

"The man of your dreams"

Freddy Krueger himself weighs in on unused ideas from throughout the crossover's turbulent history and reminisces about his final Freddy performance.

Ken Kirzinger

"Crystal Lake's most famous son"

The stuntman-turned-actor discusses taking over the role from Kane Hodder, staying true to the character and offers his own unique take on the film's ending.

Sean Cunningham

Director - Friday the 13th, Producer - Freddy vs Jason

Jason's creator candidly discusses the ups and downs of the development process, including why he felt finding the right crossover screenplay took so long.

Damian Shannon / Mark Swift

Final Screenwriters - Freddy vs Jason

Freddy vs Jason's final screenwriters explain their approach to the monster merger and reveal how the project very nearly fell apart at the last moment.

David Goyer

Screenwriter - Freddy vs Jason '97

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scribe discusses both his unused '97 draft and the polish he later performed on the Shannon/Swift script that became the 2003 film.

Douglas Curtis

Executive Producer - Freddy vs Jason

The exec producer opens up about working with director Ronny Yu and recalls just how complicated the filming of Freddy vs Jason truly was..

Lewis Abernathy

Screenwriter - Freddy vs Jason '93

The project's original screenwriter discusses his more comedic take on the match-up as well as his time script polishing the later Jason films.

Brannon Braga / Ronald D. Moore

Screenwriters - Freddy vs Jason '94

The legendary Star Trek writing team discuss their unused Freddy vs Jason draft including how it was partly inspired by the OJ Simpson trial.

Peter Briggs

Freddy vs Jason '95

The Hellboy scribe dishes on his unused '95 screenplay. He reveals several surprising sources of inspiration,and tells why he very nearly gave up the assignment shortly into the writing process.

Ethan Reiff / Cyrus Voris

Screenwriters - Freddy vs Jason: Millennium Massacre

The writing team behind Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight detail their original 1994 pitch to New Line and their later, much different 1996 screenplay.

Mark Verheiden

Screenwriter - Freddy vs Jason '98

The Daredevil and Smallville scribe discusses his involvement and the reason why New Line requested he write multiple endings into his screenplay.

Mark Protosevich

Freddy vs Jason '00

The Thor and I Am Legend screenwriter opens up about his high-concept version of Freddy vs Jason, which was arguably the most psychological take on the material.

David Bergantino

Screenwriter - Freddy vs Jason: Blood Knows Blood

The writer and game developer discusses his original Freddy vs Jason treatment and the amazing tie-in video game we never got to see!

Jeff Katz

Development Exec / Screenwriter - Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

The intern turned development executive explains how the film came together along with his unused Freddy vs Jason vs Ash treatment.

Tom McLoughlin

Writer/Director - Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The Friday filmmaker shares his two visions for Freddy vs Jason, one comedic and one darkly serious. He also reveals his thoughts on the 2003 film.

Adam Marcus

Writer/Director - Jason Goes to Hell

Marcus opens up regarding his controversial sequel and its infamous ending. He also reveals that he very nearly helmed Freddy vs Jason himself and tells what his version would have looked like.

John D. LeMay

Actor - Jason Goes to Hell

The performer discusses his planned return as Steven Freeman in the unused Briggs draft.

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