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TALES includes these great interviews and more!


Peter Alexander

Executive Producer, Universal Studios Florida

The former Disney Imagineer discusses the expansion of Universal Studios Florida into a full-fledged theme park, his work with Steven Spielberg, and how he originally planned Jaws as only one scene in a much larger water ride.

Bob Ward

Senior Vice President for Design & Planning

The industry legend looks back on the rushed development of both Jaws and Universal Studios Florida as well as the park's not so grand opening.

* 2009 THEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Tom Reidenbach

Jaws Ride Architect / Boathouse Scene Show Designer

The architect-turned-show-designer reflects on how he and his team created Amity in Orlando with the more than twenty buildings that surrounded the attraction. Tom also shares about show designing the spooky boathouse scene.

Jeff Clay

1990 Opening Team Skipper

Skipper Jeff shares his remembrances of the 1990 ride's turbulent opening including how he came to be pictured in the Orlando Sentinel with a regrettably toothless shark!

LisaMarie Gabriele

1990 Opening Team Skipper / The First Female Skipper

Skipper LisaMarie recalls having to fight for a spot on the all-male 1990 Jaws ride team. She also shares the infamous story of how she accidentally ran over Jaws with her boat - and consequently received a tribute in the attraction's eventual 1993 re-launch.

James E. Adamson, P.E.

Engineering Consultant

James recalls being hired by Ride & Show to help salvage the Jaws ride by opening day and later being asked by Universal Studios Florida to evaluate the 1990 attraction's critical design flaws.

Bruce Farber

Mechanical Engineer

Bruce looks back on the extensive design planning that went into the 1993 re-launch of the Jaws ride including his cutting-edge use of multiple complex software titles.

Adam Bezark

Show Director - '93 Version

The accomplished show director reflects on his time programming the ride's many elements to work in sync with one another. (Little known fact: Adam was also the voice of "Amity Base" in the attraction!)

Bing Futch

1993 Opening Team Skipper

Skipper Bing tells of spieling the Universal Studio Tour in Hollywood before moving onto Florida's Kongfrontation and eventually the '93 Jaws ride. He also reflects on making the "It's a Shark Thang" music video! Visit him at!

Tom Croom

1993 Opening Team Skipper

Skipper Tom looks back on the Jaws ride's glory days and shares about the December 2011 Skipper Reunion he organized just before the ride's closure. Visit him at

Jon Donahue


Skipper Jon shares about his long journey from spieler to Spielberg. The former Jaws boat captain eventually left Amity for Hollywood and has since landed roles in two Steven Spielberg films!

Colin Peterson

Skipper / Director - Jaws: The Musical

Skipper Colin talks about finding true love in Amity as well as his infamous and hilarious production of Jaws The Musical: How To Tune A Fish, which depicted the ride's 2005 closure and eventual re-opening.

John Bernard

Skipper, Jaws Ride Filmmaker

Skipper John talks about being recruited by Universal to join Captain Jake's, his extremely popular YouTube videos on the ride, and pranks gone awry between his fellow skippers.

Kayla Rhodus

The Last Skipper Hired for Jaws

Skipper Kayla discusses being part of the Jaws ride's closing team as well as the attraction's incredibly emotional final hours of operation on January 2, 2012.

Jim Beller

Jaws Historian

Jim Beller has what is undeniably the largest Jaws memorabilia collection on the planet. He opens up about his passion for the film/attraction and shares several images from his collection. Visit Jim at!

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PLUS many more interviews with the

ride's designers, engineers, and skippers!

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