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Paperback, 305 pages

Published 2018


YOU'RE CLEARED FOR DEPARTURE, AMITY SIX. HAVE A GOOD TRIP. Set sail with author Dustin McNeill as he goes behind the scenes of Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours! ADVENTURES IN AMITY is the ultimate guide to the legendary attraction that once stood at Universal Studios Florida. The book contains over thirty new interviews with the ride’s designers, engineers, and skippers for unprecedented insight into its creation and operation. Hear the untold story of the Jaws ride for the first time ever from those who were actually there!


Points of interest include:

  • An Introduction by filmmaker J. Michael Roddy (“The Shark is Still Working" documentary) 

  • Features never-before-seen photos and concept art from the ride’s original 1989 construction 

  • Hear from park execs about the disastrous opening of both Jaws and Universal Florida 

  • Read about the seldom seen 1990 Jaws ride that closed down shortly after the park opened 

  • Trace the evolution of the spiel script starting with its original and vastly different 1987 pitch 

  • See rare images of the Jaws lagoon without water 

  • Learn how engineers guaranteed the ride’s operational reliability upon its 1993 re-opening 

  • Read stories from the 1990/1993 opening teams as well as the 2012 closing team 

  • Hear from skippers about working with the sometimes temperamental mechanical sharks 

  • Contains stories about other classic Universal Studios Florida attractions including Kongfrontation, Earthquake: The Big One and the E.T. Adventure 

  • Read tales of breakdowns malfunctions, pranks, celebrity guests, and falling overboard 

  • Contains coverage of the Jaws ride still operating in Osaka, Japan

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